Juvenile, Misdomeanor, Felony 

Criminal representation dedicated to smart, aggressive, and strategic advocacy. 

Our criminal defense counsel can advise people facing felonies and misdemeanors including:  OVI/DUI/DWI, Traffic Violations, Drug Crimes,  Assault, and Domestic Violence. 


Contract Disputes, Property Disputes, & Civil Fraud

Civil litigation happens when people cannot resolve disputes over contracts, legal obligations, or money and property. While many of the cases arise from alleged crimes, especially criminal fraud or theft, civil litigation allows people to seek compensation and damages or protect themselves from paying compensation and monetary damages.

Our civil litigation counsel can advise matters involving contract disputes, property disputes, and civil fraud.


Divorce, Dissolution, Mediation, Post Decree Modifications, Spousal Support, Child Custody & Visitation, Property Division

Marriages can be ended in a number of ways, ranging from a simple dissolution proceeding to a contentious, prolonged courtroom battle. 

L. Schumacher Law, LLC's legal team offers knowledgeable guidance and dedicated representation in all the major areas of divorce. Our firm takes pride in providing clients with professional, committed, and highly personalized representation.



Trust drafting, Power Of Attorney, Wills, Probate Adminisrtaiton, Guardianship.

Planning to transfer wealth and assets to an individual’s family during the individual’s life and at their death is an important consideration that requires efficient, thorough, and personalized planning.

When we represent a family member who has recently lost a loved one and is going through probate administration, we understand the sensitive nature of this proceeding. 


Our firm can help counsel on alternative asset transfer methods to help avoid the time and cost associated with probate administration such as Transfer on Death Designation Affidavits, Trusts, and Business Formations.  


A specialty in oil, natural gas, energy, and utilities came naturally having been accustomed to the field for most of her life.

Energy, Utilities, and Oil & Gas


Business organization and formation, Drafting and negotiating contracts, drafting and negotiating purchase and/or sale agreements, drafting and preparing commercial real estate leases, and general business counsel. 

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